Wisconsin Environmental Health Nurses Coalition
In October 2006, the WNA Board of Directors approved the formation of a new Special Interest Group, the Wisconsin Environmental Health Nurses Coalition (WEHNC). The intent of WEHNC is to serve as a vehicle for nurses from a variety of settings and diverse backgrounds to:

1. Explore and share information related to environmental health and

2. Enhance networking to improve health through environmental initiatives that impact practice, education, research and advocacy.

WNA welcomes the formation of this new SIG as it will afford us the opportunity to better address the environmental health issues and topics that come before us. WNA will utilize WEHNC as a resource and consultant on reviewing legislative proposals, implementing activities that are supported by the Board of Director or membership and providing expertise on nurse and patient safety practices related to environmental health.

WEHNC members are WNA members who are interested in this speciality area. WEHNC has a Steering Committee consisting of a chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and committee chairpersons. The Steering Committee complies with the WNA Bylaws. Members meet annually at the WNA Convention. Membership is open to nurses working in a variety of settings including, but not limited to, hospitals, occupational health, community-based, public health agencies, and schools, since environmental health principles impact all settings and specialty areas.